About the San Diego Chinese Choral Society

Accompanist: Sifang Shen

Sifang Shen graduated from the Shanghai Normal University College of Music, where he also served as Associate Dean. He has also held positions as Shanghai Piano Advancement Program examiner, TV-music judge, and artistic advisor for voice competitions. In 2004 he came to the US, where has taught the art of piano playing. He is currently a member of the Music Teachers’ Association of California.

Accompanist: Pete Chan

Pete was born and raised in Chicago, a retired Aerospace Engineer, but continued his classical piano studies with professors and teachers from numerous music conservatories and universities during his working years. He is now active in choirs, ensembles, and concert bands as tenor, pianist, percussionist, baroque recorder, and flutist with the Mesa College Emiterus music programs and the San Diego Recorder Society.