About the San Diego Chinese Choral Society

The San Diego Chinese Choral Society (SDCCS) was formed in 1988 under the auspicious efforts of several friends who enjoyed singing and listening to music together. Over the past twenty years, the SDCCS has grown into a choir of over forty members.

We practice different styles of Western and Chinese (classical and modern) pieces to explore the cultural aspects of music. For the past several years, the SDCCS has held performances in the San Diego community to a wide audience of listeners.

Maintaining cultural ties within the community through music appreciation has always been one of SDCCS's aims. The selection of pieces, from classical, stylized Chinese works to popular Western melodies, reflects our cultural diversity. We have also enjoyed special concerts such as Songs from the Homeland, a performance of the exquisite works of Mr. Jiasheng Zhou at the Escondido Performing Arts Center (2001), and at the First Baptist Church (2006). Co-sponsored concerts with the South Bend Choral Society (1991) and with the Los Angeles Chinese Choral Society (2000) have also provided opportunities to bring larger communities together and to expand our ever-growing repertoire.